Cadets News · Kickoff for a $60,000 campaign to replace the current Weight Training/Fitness Center

Dear Parents:

This is the kickoff for a $60,000 campaign to replace the current Weight Training/Fitness Center. We are going to move it from the cosmetically unfit basement of the High School Gymnasium to the main floor of the Lower School Gymnasium. It will have all new matting and equipment.

We are being assisted by parents, David and Traci Tate, Co-Founders of Elite FTS (Educating and Outfitting the Strongest Athletes around the World). David, Traci, and their team are assisting with the design, equipment location, marketing, and funding of this important project.

The attached shows one piece of equipment (there will be two of these multi-station end items provided plus considerably more). A remarkable offspring of this item is that it contains four panels that will contain pictures of cadets (or others) in Howe athletic attire or Howe Military uniforms. Thus, there are eight panels total, and we are hoping to sell those eight panels for $5,000 each, which would cover 2/3 of the cost of the project.

We know that not everyone can afford $5,000, so we will follow up with additional, more modest requests once we know if or how many of the panels have sold.

We are embarrassed to include our current Weight Training/Fitness Center on the tour route for prospective cadets, because we know that our competition has much better equipment and facilities than Howe. Moreover, our cadets and athletes deserve as much.

Please consider contributing to this worthy project. Checks can be sent to Mrs. Mackenzie Ritchie, Director of Development at Howe Military Academy or directly to me. Please make checks out to Howe Military Academy — Fitness Center Project.

For the Corps,

Dr. James H. Benson
Colonel, USMC (Ret)
Superintendent, Howe Military Academy